Avondale Grammar School uses technology to enhance the learning opportunities that are provided for our students. For the digital students of today, technology needs to be used as an enabler, which seamlessly integrates into teaching and learning experiences, to enhance relevance and engagement for our learners.

In order to prepare our students to become successful 21st century citizens, we provide them with opportunities to learn using digital skills, to conduct authentic research, and develop their creative and critical thinking skills. Every classroom in the School has an interactive whiteboard which is used to support learning and encourage collaborative learning. From the youngest students in our Preschool through to our Middle Years students, technological tools have been carefully selected to meet the developmental needs of our students.

We offer a detailed and well researched Cybersafety and digital citizenship programme at all year levels to ensure our students know how to use technology safely and confidently.State of the art technology is integrated into our day to day classroom practice. Students in Preschool and Foundation have access to iPads, and our fully equipped computer laboratory. In Years 1 and 2 the programme is extended to allow access to 12 laptops which teachers use to support ‘anywhere, anytime learning’. Students in the Junior School use this technology in whole class situations, small learning groups with partners and independently to support their learning.Our Primary School students (Years 3 and 4) have access to 8 laptops in every classroom, which in most rooms is a ratio of 1:2. At this age, as students learn to work more independently, further opportunities are provided to integrate technology into classroom practice.

When students reach the Middle School from Year 5, they enter the Avondale 1:1 device program. In Year 5-6, students are issued with Dell Latitude tablets, while Year 7-8 students are issued with Dell Latitude 3330 laptops.

Technological tools are carefully selected to meet the developmental needs of our students from Preschool to Middle School