School Buses

School buses are run by an outside provider and routes are designed to minimise transit times for students as much as possible. Schedules are timed to ensure your child arrives at the School between 8:00am and 8:20am each morning. School staff will meet the buses on arrival to ensure that children arrive safely into the school grounds.

In the afternoons, students in Preschool and Junior School leave class and depart between 3:15pm and 3:20pm. These buses then drive down to the Primary and Middle School to pick up older students, before departing for home. At the end of the school day, staff check the lists and ensure that all students are accounted for as the buses are loaded.

All parents who wish to use the bus service are asked to contact the bus company:

Alpha Velltrans Pte Ltd.
Tel: 6877 1135 or 8301 7096

You may also download the Bus information form and Bus enquiry form