Risk Warning

Risk Warning – School Activities

Avondale Grammar School organises and participates in many activities such as debating, performing arts and music. Avondale also organises in many individual and team sporting activities in interschool competitions and in after school activities, such as swimming and tennis, in which many students of the School participate. Avondale has a robust outdoor activity programme which may include horse riding, abseiling and other outdoor pursuits.

While Avondale takes measures to make the activities as safe as possible for the participants, there is a risk that students can be injured and suffer loss (including financial loss) and damage as a result of their participation in these activities, whether at training or in actual events.

Injury can occur while the student is engaging in or watching an activity, or travelling to and from the event. The injury may result from the student’s actions and/or the actions of others.

On some occasions, an injury can be serious (such as torn ligaments, dislocations, back injuries, concussion or broken bones) from participation in sporting events. In very rare cases an injury can be life threatening or result in permanent disability or death. If a student has a pre-existing injury or other health condition, participating in a sporting activity could result in the exacerbation of that injury or condition.

Students or visitors could also suffer loss as a result of their personal property being misplaced, stolen, damaged or destroyed.

This risk warning is intended to alert all people associated with our school community of the possible risks to anyone participating in school activities.

Click here to view our Haze Management Policy, it was developed to manage the welfare of students and staff during periods of Haze that can be experienced in Singapore.