Pre-School Curriculum

The Avondale Pre-School Curriculum has been developed to suit the needs of our multi-cultural preschool community and incorporates and acknowledges the diverse and eclectic culture of our host city, Singapore. Three and four year old children are enrolled in either a three or five day programme over 12 to 24 months.The Avondale Pre-School Curriculum is based on principles that align with, the UK Early Years Foundation Stage (EFYS) and the Australian Early Years Framework. Our Pre-School curriculum is enquiry and play based, with a strong focus on developing early Literacy and Numeracy skills. Great emphasis is placed on developing early reading and writing skills, so that each child is given a “head start” in their education.

Students participate in a play based learning programme that involves activities designed to develop:

  • Literacy, communication and language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Mathematics and problem solving using numbers, shapes and measurement skills
  • Understanding the World
  • Creativity, imagination and curiosity incorporating expressive arts and design

Our Literacy Programme

We place great emphasis on developing early Literacy skills to provide your child with a ‘head start’ in their education. Through the use of well-established literacy programmes, children are taught the fundamental skills essential for early reading and writing success, including the following:

  • A fun and interactive introduction to the alphabetic sounds and phonics
  • Decoding skills as well as blending and segmenting
  • Comprehension skills are introduced through quality literature
  • Fine motor skills to support the development of handwriting skills
  • Imaginative role-play and drama to develop each child’s communication language and creativity development.

In addition, parents are encouraged to visit our Library together with their children to help instil a love of literature.

Our Numeracy Programme

Our Numeracy programme draws on the young child’s natural mathematical interest and encourages numerical proficiency. Children participate in meaningful and fun activities that build their initial understanding, while additional practice encourages competency. Children are provided with real life experiences to develop their skills in:

  • Counting
  • Understanding and using numbers
  • Using shapes, spaces and measurements to solve numerical problems
  • Developing problem solving