Positive Education

Whilst schools are about academic achievement, they are also equally about developing a love of learning, building character strengths and fostering creativity, resilience, optimism and a sense of wellbeing in their students. In order to be successful academically and socially, children first need to be emotionally secure. Students at Avondale Grammar School are supported to reach their full potential through the creation of learning environments that are positive, challenging, safe places, where mistakes are regarded as normal, where humour is encouraged and appreciated, and where students unselfconsciously acknowledge their strengths and the strengths of others.

Positive Education is taught at Avondale Grammar school through the Bounce Back programme created by Dr Toni Noble and Helen McGrath. Positive Education is exactly as its name suggests: a pastoral learning programme that teaches children the skills and attitudes they need to promote resilience and guide them along the pathway of wellbeing. Positive education lessons and activities emphasise the benefits of a growing and optimistic mind and a grateful heart. The programme also prepares children for life’s challenges by strengthening their problem-solving skills and resilience, or ‘grit’.

The Bounce Back programme is a whole school social and emotional learning programme that has been developed to support schools and teachers in their efforts to promote positive mental health and wellbeing in their students, and, in particular, to enable them to act resiliently when faced with challenges and adversity. The programme predominantly focuses on classroom strategies and activities that teach students those positive social and emotional skills that might be best described as ‘life skills’. Bounce Back also focuses on ways to develop the types of learning environments and teacher-student relationships, that foster resilience and wellbeing.

Through Positive Education, your son or daughter will build confidence, cooperation and communication skills.

Avondale is proud to be an affiliated member of PESA (the Positive Education Schools Association), which endorses the professional training of our staff and the quality and relevance of our learning programmes.