Personal Achievement Targets

What is a ‘personalised’ education?

A personalised education in the context of Avondale encompasses:

  • The ongoing definition and implementation of Personal Achievement Targets
  • A delivery of a differentiated curriculum
  • A whole school Positive Education programme

What are Personal Achievement Targets (PATs)?

The PATs process brings parents and teachers together as a team to consider the student’s current level of performance. Parents, teachers and students work together in identifying strengths, learning styles, challenges and interests, and then use this information to set one to three agreed goals aimed at building learning capacity. Support that can be provided by both the School and home is also discussed.

Throughout the year, these goals are informally reviewed for students from Foundation to Year 4, and as they are achieved, new ones take their place. Middle School teachers and students regularly meet to review progress towards the goals. One other meeting will also be scheduled in Term 3 for parents and teachers to formally review the PATs goals. Parents are always welcome, however, to contact their child’s teacher should they wish to have additional meetings.

PATs Process Overview

ILP-process-05Term 1 Student observation and diagnostic assessment
ILP-process-06Term 1 Teacher and parent (and student, depending upon age) discuss learning aims and goals are agreed
ILP-process-07Term 1 – 3 Personal Achievement Targets are applied, reviewed and assessed on an ongoing basis
ILP-process-08Term 3 Teacher and parent review the learning goals and new goals are determined according to achievement