Leadership Programme

The Avondale Leadership Programme reflects our belief in harnessing the talents of individual children. The programme was implemented to provide children with the opportunity to proactively participate in school life, and develop leadership skills.

Leadership opportunities exist for children from Year 2 upwards. Every child is expected to participate in some way, taking on responsibilities that they are interested in or reflect their individual talents.

Leadership positions exist within the following areas:

House Captains and Assistant House Captains

Our Houses are led by House Captains who are selected from Year 6 and Assistant House Captains from Year 2. These leaders encourage other children in their House to demonstrate good spirit, both within the School and the House. They assist with Interhouse Competitions, run House Meetings alongside the designated staff members and assist at School Assemblies with House points and Kingfisher Awards. House Captains and Assistant House Captains also help organise the selection, promotion and publicity of the House charity and fundraising events to support this charity.

The Playground Activity Leaders’ Programme (PALs)

Playground Activity Leaders are responsible for the running of structured activities, games and House tournaments at lunchtimes. PALs must undertake a four week training programme that is implemented through Health and Physical Education lessons. These young leaders are responsible for facilitating activities for younger children, and assisting to develop an enhanced sense of community within the School.

Subject Leaders

Subject Leaders are selected through displaying a passion or talent for a specific subject matter. The Subject Leaders are held in high regard around the School and are very visible to the children, the parents and the staff in our school community. The students in these roles demonstrate a real passion for their subjects, through workshops and information sessions.

The Student Representative Council

The ‘community’ at Avondale is very strong, and the SRC allows students to express a voice within that community. Classes from Year 2 upwards nominate and appoint one representative from their class. During the selection process each class holds a meeting to talk about qualities that will be required. Examples include, ‘responsibility’, ‘assertiveness’, ‘initiative’ and ‘working well in teams’. Through a democratic process, a Class Spokesperson is appointed.