Junior School Curriculum

Junior School Curriculum: Our Junior School provides strong educational foundations through the delivery of a balanced programme of exploratory learning, as well as explicit teaching of core knowledge and skills. During these early years of learning we also recognise the importance of maintaining a play-based element to our children’s experiences.

Core English and Mathematics skills are explicitly taught from Foundation, while the broader skills of Literacy and Numeracy are developed across all subject areas. At Avondale we are constantly developing programmes of learning which enhance the connections and common themes of different subject areas and captivate the interest and experiences of our students.

The School’s curriculum also focuses on and implements:

  • High standards of achievement at each year level.
  • Rigorous assessment of knowledge, understanding and skills.
  • Integration of technologies into curriculum areas.
  • Lessons where Specialist teachers work with our children in Library, Music, Physical Education and Languages Other than English known as LOTE i.e. Mandarin or French.

At Avondale, we provide rich, stimulating and robust learning experiences for our children through:

  • Employing high-quality, passionate and motivated teachers
  • Encouraging children to think creatively and critically in all Learning Areas.
  • Engaging children to understand not just what they learn but how they learn.
  • Supporting and developing their understanding of themselves and others.
  • Developing children’s capability to communicate and express themselves effectively, to build and manage relationships, to handle challenging situations and to learn more effectively.
  • Developing children’s knowledge and skills to problem solve purposefully.
  • Working collaboratively with all staff and parents.
  • Using Personal Achievement Targets to focus on every child’s individual academic needs as well as their social and emotional development.
  • Using technology as a tool to research and communicate ideas.
  • Encouraging cross-curriculum learning opportunities to add depth and richness to teaching and learning.

All of the Junior School classrooms are equipped with an electronic mimeo board and children have access to iPads, laptops or netbook computers which are used regularly to facilitate learning.

We value the importance of equipping our children with the knowledge, skills and attributes they will need in order to operate with confidence in a complex, information-rich, globalised world. Our goal in the Junior School is to assist our children to begin the journey in growing into confident, successful learners and creative and happy individuals, with a strong sense of community, social justice and sustainable practices.