Application Fee

The application fee to apply for a place at the School is a one-off levy of SGD $2140 and is non-refundable.

Tuition Fees

Please note that we invoice on a monthly basis. The following table indicates the monthly instalments. There are twelve monthly instalments per year. Please click here to view the School Structure diagram to understand the Year group for your child(ren).

Tuition Fees 2017

Tuition Fees SGD $ per installment SGD$ total annual fee
Preschool Pre-School 1 (5 day option) 2,099 25,188
Pre-School 1 (3 day option) 1,418 17,016
Pre-School 2 (5 day option) 2,257 27,084
Pre-School 2 (3 day option) 1,560 18,720
Junior School to Secondary School Foundation – Year 5 2,496 29,952
Year 6 – Year 8 2,744 32,928

Infrastructure Fee

There is an infrastructure fee of SGD $1910 for all students in their first year. This is reduced to an ongoing fee of SGD $750 in subsequent years.

Class Resources Fee

This is a fee per student per academic year that includes books, stationary, learning resources and tools.

Reception and Transition 120
Foundation 210
Year 1 – 2 300
Year 3 – 8 375

Technology Fee

This fee covers the purchase, maintenance and upgrades of devices used at school from Year 3 upwards.

Year 3 – 4 325
Year 5 – 8
(Technology fee includes individual laptop programme)

Parents’ Association

There is an annual Parents’ Association fee of SGD $53.50 per family.

Please note the following:

  • All fees are quoted in Singapore Dollars (SGD).
  • All prices include GST of 7%.
  • Giro is compulsory for payment of all fees.
  • Fees are exclusive of buses, individual music lessons, extracurricular activities, class excursions and camps.
  • Fees are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Family Discount for application and infrastructure fee – the third family member will be granted a 50% discount on application and infrastructure fees. The fourth family member will be granted a 100% discount for application and infrastructure fee. (‘Family’ denotes the legal, immediate siblings).
  • Late payments will incur a penalty of $50 + 1% per month on the outstanding balance.

We appreciate that fees are a major consideration for many parents. At Avondale, we endeavour to keep the fees as reasonable as possible whilst reflecting the quality of education we offer. Should you have any questions about the fee structure, please contact the Enrolments team and they will be happy to assist.