Avondale invites enrolments applications from students of all nationalities. Please see the simple 4-step process for enrolling your child at the School.

Icon1Step 1:
Contact us.
Icon2Step 2:
Submit an Application Form along with supporting documents and the application fee.
Icon3Step 3:
Assessment and letter of offer provided.
Icon4Step 4:
Letter of offer accepted with School contract and settlement of initial invoice to complete the enrolment.

Other key points to note

  • Enrolments availability varies across the School year and across Year groups. Please liaise directly with the Enrolments team to discuss availability.
  • Before being offered a place, students may be required to attend an interview to ascertain their readiness for schooling / academic needs.
  • Placements are generally allocated in order of receipt, however, students with siblings already attending the School will receive priority.
  • The School reserves the right to allocate places at its discretion in special circumstances.
  • The information provided on the Application Form must be true, correct and complete, and the School reserves the right to reverse any decision on the basis of incorrect or incomplete information provided.
  • For entry into our youngest Early Years 1 programme (3 – 4 year olds), students will be eligible for entry in the term they turn three, and if they are toilet trained.
  • For entry into our Early Years 2 programme (4 – 5 year olds), students would usually have turned four by the 30th of April of that year.
  • Students entering the first year of formal schooling (Foundation class), would generally have turned five by the 30th of April during the year they apply. As general guideline, a birthday on or before the 30th April, is used as the cut off for entry into each of the subsequent year levels.
  • Parents making an application for a student with special educational needs should discuss their requirements with the School prior to making an application. It should be noted by parents that the School does not have a Learning Support Programme, and all students must be able to flourish in a mainstream class.
  • All Avondale students must have satisfied immigration and other statutory requirements, including holding a valid Permanent Resident Pass or Dependent’s Pass (for foreigners), and that the relevant Pass is maintained throughout enrolment in the School. Parents must advise the School of any changes to the child’s immigration status including renewal of the Permanent Resident or Dependent’s Pass within 7 days.

Enrolments and waiting list policy

Stage 1 – Application

  • Completed Application Form to be submitted.
  • Complete suite of supporting documents to be submitted (including copies of passports, copies of students birth certificate, copies of student school reports, copy, if available, of NRIC and any further supporting documentation).
  • Full payment of Application Fee to be received by Avondale Grammar School.
  • Application is processed and sent to the relevant Assistant Principal and a meeting and/or assessment will be arranged.
  • Upon approval from the Principal the student will be offered a place if available or, if a place is not available, the student will be placed on the official Waitlist.

Stage 2 – Waiting List

  • Parents will receive written confirmation from the Enrolments Team that the student has been placed on the official Waitlist.
  • First priority will be given to siblings of currently enrolled students.
  • Subsequent priority will be given according to date of acceptance onto the Waitlist.

Stage 3 – Offer sent

  • When a place becomes available, parents will be sent an official offer of place (including a Letter of Acceptance, the School Contract and invoice for the infrastructure fee, first two instalments of tuition fees, resource pack fee and Parents’ Association fee).
  • Letter of Acceptance to be signed and returned within 72 hours along with proof of invoice settlement to avoid the official offer becoming null and void.
  • The signed Student Contract must be signed and returned within two weeks to avoid official offer lapsing and becoming null and void.

Withdrawal Policy

A formal notification of withdrawal is required at least two calendar months in advance of the intended withdrawal date. Withdrawal dates are only permitted to be on the last day of a term, and full payment for the term will be payable irrespective of the student’s actual last day. Please refer to the table below for the final date of notification for each Term:

Student’s intended withdrawal date
Final date of notification
Term 131 March 201731 December 2016
Term 216 June 201731 March 2017
Term 322 September 201730 June 2017
Term 414 December 201730 September 2017

Current Parents Referral Policy

As a community based school, we value the recommendations our parents provide to family and friends. In recognition of this fact we have introduced a Referral Fee that will be awarded as a concession to current families that introduce the School to new families who subsequently join the School. For details on the policy please click here.

Should you have any questions regarding Enrolments please contact us and we will happy to help

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