ANZAC Day 25 April 2017

| School News|

April 25 was a very memorable day at Avondale Grammar, made particularly special by the respectful assembly and the beautiful voices of the children as they joined in the singing, speeches and the laying of the wreaths in remembrance of those who have served in the forces to allow us the freedom we enjoy today. The assembly commenced with a brief introduction by Mr. Doherty followed by an address from our guest speaker Sub Lieutenant Francis Borok, of the Royal New Zealand Navy. Other special features of the ceremony included a solemn reading by school captain, Natasha and a reading of the Oath by Daniel in Year 3. Year 4 led the school in singing the New Zealand National Anthem, while all children joined in for both the Singapore and the Australian National Anthems. We were particularly proud of the children as they showed respect and honour for the occasion.

Karen Nicholls

Head of Pre-school, Junior School