Why Avondale?

Why Avondale?

There are many reasons why Avondale Grammar School is the best international school for your child’s education in Singapore.

Avondale Grammar School is a co-educational, independent, international school that is licensed by the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards in Australia. With a staff of committed and highly qualified teachers, many of whom have extensive experience in teaching in international settings, Avondale uses the world class Australian Curriculum. This curriculum acknowledges the importance of developing core foundational knowledge in each of the disciplines, as well as focusing explicitly on the development of key 21st Century skills.

The School is committed to encouraging students to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals who are informed citizens, who demonstrate ethical integrity, relate well to others and communicate across cultures at local, regional and global levels.

The School strongly promotes the development of each child’s educational potential in a supportive, stimulating and exciting environment. The School believes that competence and confidence at school are the catalysts necessary to spark in each child “a lifelong love of learning”.

Avondale Grammar School is therefore uniquely positioned to address key educational needs of the children of expatriate families, when they re-locate to Singapore.

What Makes Us Different?

When your child joins Avondale Grammar School, you become part of the community. Our welcoming school offers children a nurturing environment, coupled with an excellent education, through engaging students as individuals.

Quality Education

Every parent desires the best quality education for their child. At Avondale quality means a holistic education where each child’s social, emotional, physical, creative needs and personal value systems are developed, together with rigorous academic growth. This is evidenced by our recent NAPLAN results.

Personalised Learning

Each child’s learning patterns, styles and developmental milestones are different and captured and documented effectively by Avondale’s Personal Achievement Targets.

Personalisation in the context of Avondale encompasses:

  • The ongoing definition and implementation of Personal Achievement Targets
  • A delivery of a differentiated curriculum
  • A whole school Positive Education programme

Small Class Sizes

Our student to teacher ratio is kept low to enable children to thrive with individual attention and small group instruction.

Welcoming Environment

At Avondale we provide a warm and welcoming environment that helps families settle quickly and smoothly into the School and into life in Singapore. Parents and families are actively encouraged to participate in many areas of school life, and a vibrant Parents’ Association offers many opportunities for interaction between families.

Our Academic Results

Personal Achievement Targets

Our Curriculum

Our Community