Principal’s Welcome

Principal’s Welcome – Thank you for visiting the Avondale Grammar School website.

Welcome to Avondale Grammar School.

Avondale Grammar School is a high performing, “family oriented” international school which is ideally placed to serve the educational needs of expatriate families in Singapore.

In its relatively short history, Avondale has established a strong reputation for achieving high academic standards in a nurturing learning environment, where personalised learning underpins all else. With its small classes, exceptional teachers and close knit community, Avondale delivers the Australian curriculum using solid academic benchmarks to monitor and track each student’s progress along the way.

An essential feature of our nurturing environment is the focus on a strong values base which is at the heart of the school. Students find the core values of courage, compassion, inclusion, integrity, excellence, resilience, respect and responsibility interwoven with both their learning and the relationships they form as important members of the school community. The education of the child involves the development of the heart as well as the mind and at Avondale we take this very seriously.

Apart from our strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy, particularly in the early years, our students are engaged in comprehensive languages programme (Mandarin or French), Music and Physical Education and Sports programmes which all contribute to the development of each student’s all-round gifts and talents. Going to school at Avondale complements the overall experience of living in a foreign land and makes the most of the adventure that Singapore itself offers.

Most people I have met, who have spent some time as part of the Avondale family, say that the thing they value most about the school is its community feeling. Parents constantly report that their children are happy, cared for, supported and make friends. Parents too, find the school a place where they meet other ex-pat parents in similar situations and form friendships. The school does all it can to support and nurture the parent community and the Parents’ Association is a vital element in the school’s fabric.

At Avondale we believe we are preparing students for their life today and for whatever their next step is. For those who will return to schools in their home countries we know we can send them back as engaged, independent learners well prepared to continue their academic journey. For those going on to new countries we know that they are well equipped with the skills to explore and solve problems in their new environment.

As the Executive Director of Avondale Grammar School I have the dual role of Board Member and Principal of the school. I have been associated with Avondale in various management and governance capacities since the school first moved to Phoenix Park. In my current role is to ensure that the opportunity for each student to discover their potential is realized Vision of the Board is fulfilled in the day to day operation of the school.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Avondale family.


Dennis Doherty