Avondale has closed!

Avondale has closed. In June 2017 Avondale Grammar School was sold by its original owners to Cognita Schools the owners of both the Australian International School (AIS) and Stamford American International School (SAIS) Singapore. As a result of the sale considerable investigation was carried out in regard to the future of the school in its current premises and the possibility of finding an alternate property. The outcome of that investigation led to the decision to close the school at the end of the 2017 school year (December 2017) and to encourage students to move to either AIS or SAIS for the 2018 school year. Most of the students have now enrolled at AIS and a few have chosen SAIS. A small number of  students are moving to other international schools in Singapore or returning to their home countries. All the Avondale Grammar School teachers and administrative staff members have been employed at AIS (most), SAIS (a few) and other Cognita enterprises, e.g. Camp Asia.

The acquisition and the transition to closure of the school by Cognita have been exceptionally well managed by the Cognita team and the leadership teams of both AIS and SAIS and careful steps have been taken at Avondale to ensure that the students and the staff are well supported in regard to the anxiety and uncertainty that accompanies impending change.

Dennis Doherty
Principal/Executive Director