Welcoming families from more than 20 countries, Avondale Grammar School is a co-educational, international school for expatriate children from Preschool to Middle School. With Personal Achievement Targets and exclusively following the Australian Curriculum we encourage students to strive for academic excellence in a welcoming and nurturing environment.

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Inspiring Hearts and Minds

Inspiring Hearts and Minds The human heart is an amazing instrument that keeps us all going. It does so because it has two vital parts that complement each other and keep our blood healthy. Our school is a bit like that. The two vital aspects of the school are what it does to develop and support the students’ wellbeing and what it does to develop and support the students’ learning. It is our job to nurture and inspire our students’ hearts and their minds. How do we do that at Avondale? Our wellbeing program is set in the context of Positive Education and Restorative practice framework. Our students have been working on classroom agreements, for example, in order to set what we might have referred to in the past as the “rules” for the way the classroom operates. Wellbeing, however, involves more than that and so we encourage our students to be physically active to understand their bodies and appropriately healthy nutrition. In addition we involve them in activities which focus their attention on being self-reflective, serving others and, in doing so, apply the school’s values in a global outlook. Wellbeing is one side of the education process and nurtures Read More…

learning maths - year 1

Learning Maths – Year 1

Learning Maths – Year 1 students have been learning about subtraction in Maths this term. In Year 1 students develop fluency with single-digit addition and subtraction. It is a year that we work on a multitude of strategies that students can use to solve problems. We spend a lot of time discussing a variety of strategies, using many different models, and doing mental maths. To explain, strategies are how students approach and manipulate these numbers, Models are how the strategies are organised on paper so students can explain or see the strategy. The thinking, or what students do with the numbers, is the strategy. What they use to show it to you is the model. Here in 1A we have used strategies such as rainbow facts, counting on, counting back and knowing doubles to help us solve subtraction problems. Helen McPherson | Year 1A Teacher      

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Positive Education at Avondale Grammar

Avondale is at the forefront of the Positive Education movement in Singapore. Positive Education is exactly as its name suggests: a pastoral learning programme that teaches children the skills and attitudes they need to promote resilience and guide them along the pathway of wellbeing. At Avondale we have adopted the Bounce Back! Programme written by Dr Toni Noble and Dr Helen McGrath. We made this video during Dr Noble’s last visit to the School. We hope it explains a little more about what Positive Education is and how it benefits the students. We hope you enjoy!


How We Teach Chinese

At Avondale each child from Preschool to Middle school enjoys a daily language lesson from a dedicated teacher. Recent results in the HSK exams indicate how effective the Avondale Chinese programme is. We invite you to enjoy this video which explains our approach to learning Chinese across the school.